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On an incoming tide, there is a moment when water and land float in equilibrium. Land hovers over water in dissolving fingers of currents until they are gone. Ultimately, water is transformed by sky in an ever-changing floating landscape. The systemic network of channels weaves a timeless pattern of vast elemental space. The dialogue between sky, water, and land is generated in circulating pathways in tide flats at the mouth of a river, rocky tidal coves, and submerging seaweed. My response is this series of paintings made of interconnected marks, blended light, and color passages to invite contemplation and exploration beyond the surface. Tidal bodies are dynamic natural forces that symbolize the ongoing change in our environment. As an artist and architect living on the ocean, I have a visceral response to barrier beaches, coastal storms, and changing coastlines. I pause to think of the current erosion cycle we are facing on the New England coast with deep respect. For now, the land simply disappears, then reappears when the tide turns or the storm subsides. I invite the viewer to enjoy these watery worlds, and ponder on the forces that shape them.

- from Gladstone Exhibit, Water & Ice, June 20 - September 9, 2014

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