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In this new work, Diane studies and abstracts the patterns in butterfly wings. “I am captivated by the underlying structure, patterns, and unexpected vivid colors in nature’s wings, set in a world of flickering light, elusive movement, deceptive camouflage, and delicate beauty. I am also intrigued by the underlying purpose of patterns in butterflies. Patterns echo dappled light and shade to confuse a predator. Bright complementary colors serve to distract the eye. Peacock jewel patterns or vivid blue stripes can hide a true outline. Eyespots distract birds and fake swallowtails steer predators away from vital parts.” These extraordinarily powerful images explode with color and pattern, and capture the velveteen surfaces of butterfly wings. The series is a beautiful celebration of Spring and the emergence of new life!

- Gladstone Exhibit, May 5 - Aug 11, 2015

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