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Large charcoal drawings of cascading landscapes of light, air, and water are featured in this series. Each drawing is its own particular journey following the intricate paths that water takes as it plunges down a rocky terrain. The elemental medium of charcoal is used to focus on the distinct lights and darks in falling water and the more subtle middle tones to create form. In the process of drawing a meandering and mysterious labyrinth, I found interconnected marks that eventually take shape from the structure underneath. While combining soft passages, frozen moments, and restless marks of the moving water, I found that the rocks were essential dark counterpoints for the overall balance and structure. The drawings are intended to convey both calming and energizing renewal.
There is an underlying beauty yet unsettling nature in these drawings. As I explored source material, I found the urge to learn about the status and changes in these powerful water forms in different places, seasons, and cultures. The selected works were inspired by particular glacial formations in the U.S., Norway, and Iceland.

- from UUCB Fellowship Exhibit, Cascade & Fall, Brunswick, ME, Spring 2016.

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